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We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.

At Fancy Pants Media Solution, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and insightful market research solutions. With a passion for understanding consumer behavior, industry trends, and emerging markets, we empower businesses to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Our team of experienced researchers, analysts, and strategists are committed to delivering accurate and actionable intelligence. Through meticulous data collection, advanced analytics, and expert interpretation, we uncover valuable insights that drive growth and enhance our clients' business performance.

What We Do

Quantitative Research :

Online Surveys

It is a popular method of data collection used to gather information from a targeted audience. They are conducted over the internet, allowing respondents to complete the survey at their convenience.

UX Research

UX research helps ensure that the end product meets the users' expectations, goals, and desires, leading to a positive user experience.

Community Surveys

Method of gathering information and opinions from members of a specific community. These surveys are designed to collect data on various topics like community needs, preferences.


It is a method of conducting surveys or interviews over the telephone with the help of computer software.


It is a method commonly use
in market research to collect data from respondents using online surveys. CAWI involves administering questionnaires or surveys through web-based platforms


Web-assisted telephone interviewing is a mixed-mode interview technique where the respondent can follow a telephone questionnaire online


Qualitative Research :

In-Depth Interviews

Method used to gather detailed and comprehensive information on a specific topic or issue.

Focussed Group Discussions

It involve gathering a small group of individuals to discuss a specific topic or issue.


Methodology used in anthropology and sociology to study and understand different cultures and social groups.

Diary Study

A diary study is a contextual, qualitative, longitudinal research methodology used to capture user behaviors, activities, and experiences.

Mystery Shopping

Technique used by companies to evaluate and assess the quality of their products or services from a customer's perspective.

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