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5 Best Places For Paratha In Pune

- Sonika Khani

Whoever says only North India is famous for great parathas, clearly, haven`t tried out these amazing joints in Pune! Imagine steaming hot stuffed parathas with desi ghee/ butter melting down whilst you enjoy the monsoon mayhem. Tempting isn`t it? Coming from a Punjabi family, we regularly have stuffed parathas and Aloo (Potato) stuffed is my all-time favorite. I still remember my childhood days where we all sat together and waited for mom to serve us hot parathas straight from the stove. Now that I have moved to Pune, I had to continue my tradition as a Punjabi to eat parathas. After living for over 7 years now, I have discovered many places that offer appetizing parathas. There are so many joints that offer tasty, filling and budget-friendly parathas in Pune and I am going to list them down for you. Below are the top 5 places that are my personal favorite and hopefully they become your favorite too! They all are super delectable, reasonable, and absolutely filling.

1.Shahji`s Paratha House

Hello to my most favorite joint! This one had to be the first on my list. Why wouldn`t it? This place is a vegetarian joint, a cozy setup and suitable for families who would love to binge on the steaming hot parathas. All you Puneri people can feast and get the taste of North Indian flavors from their menu. The food offers a complete dhabha style food along with keeping hygiene in mind. This joint serves nearly 2000 parathas every day! Wow, can you even imagine? I always enjoy visiting this place. You must try out their 'Special Wholesome Paratha Thali' when you visit this place. The accompaniments along with the paratha are just mind-blowing. The hot stuffed paratha topped with a dollop of butter will be served with an appetizing creamy smoky Dal Makhni, along with palatable chutney, laccha onion with spices and tangy pickles all the way from Delhi. I am very sure you must be hungry already by just reading this, am I right?

2. Chaitanya Parathas

Got a big appetite? Do you love parathas? Or you are a foodie just like me? Drop by at Chaitanya Paratha. This joint is well spread in Pune. Their Parathas are huge and very filling. A variety of combo meals, paratha meals, thali, and a vast menu is what makes this place special. Not to forget the buttermilk along with the stuffed parathas!! *burp* This joint was also visited many times by me and my friends as it was near our college. You know when you survive through pocket money, you find the best joints in your budget and that is what we did. Where did you go during your college days? By the way, my favorite parathas from here are Aloo Methi Paratha and Paneer Onion Paratha!

3. Aaoji Khaoji

Go solo if you can finish the meal by yourself or go with a huge group and enjoy their 'Legendary Paratha Thalis'. Their thalis are super huge and filling. They are also named after actors/artists or cricketers like Kapil Sharma Thali, Sunny Deol Thali, Dara Singh Paratha Thali, Bahubali Paratha Thali and lots more. If you love Narendra Modi then you can try out the Modi Ji Thali too (*wink wink*), that offers one jumbo paratha, one special sabzi, special dal makhani, raita, salad, papad, pickle, and one dessert! So, who are you going to feat on? ;)

4. The Paratha House

The name of this place itself describes as a paratha house. I have visited the Magarpatta joint and I was amazed by the variety. I was so confused and didn`t know what to order. Luckily I had 3 food lovers to accompany me, so we ordered 4 varieties of parathas from there. We tried their fusion paratha, the cheese combination paratha, a combo meal and Dhoom 3 Paratha from the Kitchen Special. We all enjoyed the meal and we were super full. It is a complete vegetarian joint with great service. Since there are so many corporate offices nearby, this place will be perfect for a quick pit stop for lunch. It will totally satisfy your taste buds.

5. The House Of Paratha

A complete North Indian vegetarian joint in JM Road is a total treat to your stomach. Along with hearty lunch and dinner meals, they also offer all-day breakfast options too. Bahubali Thali and Singham Thali are two humongous thalis and can be relished with a group of 4-5 people. Do try out their special laccha parathas thali along with other main course options. Their staff is very polite, helpful and courteous. An average of around INR 500-600/- will be your bill for approx two people. Many of my friends have visited this place and seem to be going gaga over the Bahubali Thali because of the variety of accompaniments and the size of the paratha. The hot steam and the desi ghee taste in every bite are surely going to leave you in a food coma. If you are specifically visiting this place on a Sunday, Thursday or Saturday, then do try out their weekly special meals like Rajma Masala and Kadi Pakoda Chawal.

The taste and flavors of North India have travelled all the way to Puneri`s heart. People are quite open to trying out the flavors and traditions of North India. This cuisine has a lot to offer just like many other traditional cuisines. Pune has surely developed a taste for the authentic desi parathas and because of this many people are opening parathas joints. Be it a restaurant or a street-side stall offering parathas, they are all just delicious. Food is something that reaches straight to the heart before the stomach and that is what these joints have done. If you haven`t tried these places yet, I will totally recommend everyone in Pune or people visiting Pune to try out these places and relish the crusty, buttery hot parathas just like I have.


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