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Activewear For The Gym

- Sonika Khani

Every gym buff loves getting comfortable and well-fit activewear for their workouts. There is so much of variety available nowadays for men and women, be it online sites or shops around us. Especially when it`s during the sale month everyone loves going a little gaga over shopping! Am I right? It is very important to own good the perfect pair of workout clothes. Whether you are into yoga, zumba, gym or any activity, you must have the perfect fit, comfort, and style too. A plethora of high-end brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas, Reebok, Fila, Gym shark, and various other brands are available specifically for active wear for men, women, and kids too. Upgrade your wardrobe and check out some essentials that every fitness rat must own.

1. Crop Tops/ Sports Bras

These designs have really picked a trend over the last few years amongst the millennium women. I guess we believe in "If you got it, flaunt it." Moreover, it`s comfortable too and you tend to feel really confident and good about yourself. You can find some really great crop tops on websites like Koovs, Shein, and Myntra too, but if you are looking for easy-on-the-pocket activewear options, then Decathlon stores in Pune have really great options. It is important that you try them on before rushing into buying them as comfort is the most important factor.

2. Training Pants

Training pants is a great unisex option that goes well for any kind of workout. For someone who does not like the body fit leggings, this will be the best option. A comfortable pair of training pants will be a good option for someone who wants to hit the jogging tracks too. You can choose what design, and material suits your skin as each person prefers the various look and feels for their active wear.

3.Pro Power Tights

A well fit pair of tights goes very well with heavy weight training workouts. A lot of men find tights comfortable over joggers while lifting heavy weights. You get really good ones from brands like Nike, Reebok, and Puma. If you are looking at a brand that fits your budget then Decathlon will be the go-to brand that will cost you approx 999/- and above. Seems like a good deal right?

4.Flex Stride Shorts

Shorts with liners, have you ever tried them or owned them? Show off those well-toned legs with this attire. Ditch the regular shorts to avoid any wardrobe malfunction and opt for these shorts. It is a great option for men and women! You can find them at any active wear store or online sites. And for someone who has sensitive skin, they will help keep your legs you from chafing.

5. Hoodie

A basic and best workout gear which is stylish and comfy, a hoodie goes with almost everything. Team it up with your tracks, tights, shorts or joggers! You can find various options for men and women in different material. If you sweat too much, don`t opt for the thick woolen hoodie, go for breathable fabrics. Don`t worry; with this piece, your workout work-out wardrobe will look cooler and cozier.

6. Tanks

For some people sleeves can feel a bit constricting while working out, hence the tanks! This can be worn by women and men but please make sure men that your pits are well trimmed. We don`t want to scare other people during the workout sessions right? A loose comfy tank makes the workout more breathable and stress-free.

7. Track Jacket

Track jackets feel comfortable, functional and look really good while working out or even if you are on the go. If you are looking for attires that only look good without being much bothered about comfort, you are bound to find plenty of options there. But these jackets show comfort and style both. But, one very important thing that you must consider is, what kind of work out are you going to perform in this attire? You don’t want it being an obstacle during the session. It is essential to wear the right workout gear for the activity you do. Another way of picking workout clothes is, to figure out if you are keeping them specifically for the gym or will you wear them when you are going around running errands too. Some prefer keeping their workout gear only for the gym and some like to mix it up with the regular clothes while heading out or lounging.

8. Basic Tees

This one is for all those who feel that their gym membership has already burnt a hole in the pocket and don`t wish to stack up their closet with high-end brands with the best of quality. Basic tees have a great advantage as you can find them anywhere and everywhere. You don`t have to specifically go to a gym section or sportswear store. You can pick up a pack of 3 or pack of 2 at the mall nearby or even at a local store around your house. If one day you do feel like opting for a branded tee and wish to splurge a little bit, then you can always shop during the sale months or factory outlets that offer great discounts on branded clothes.

9. Mesh & Net

This kind of style is for all the women out there who would love to show off those cuts and curves. Wear a comfy sports bra and pull on a net top or a mesh top. You can look totally stylish in this attire! Team it up with joggers, shorts or tights and have a great workout. So, we have covered up a lot of options for you which involves comfort, style, and budget-friendly options! Pick your workout attire wisely if you are very particular about the material and fit. If you are one of those who are leaning toward fashion-forward workout attire, then you can mix up anything you look & feel good in. If you are someone who is into social media marketing or loves being on social media for entertainment purpose then you are definitely going to get some really cool workout pictures to inspire others or you can start a work-out attire blog to help others in choosing what to wear during their workout sessions. Happy working out and happy shopping to all the fitness buffs out there!!!


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