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10 Best Veg Street Food Across India

- Aikansh Chaudhary

Renowned for its diverse variety of spices, India has one of the largest street food markets in the world. Some people saythat other country invaders in the past are one of the main reasons why you can find a large variety of food in India and it is actually true up to some level because The Mughals,Parisians, and the English have had a great impact on the street food menusand the Royal cuisines as well. India is world famous for its street food whether it`s the rich spicy snacksor the delicious sweets, there is street food availablethat will satisfy everyone`s taste. As the digital statistics say, you will surely find a different street food productavailable around every 15 Kilometers in India but can`t just sit down and make a list of all the extraordinary street foods of this country.So, here is a list of the top 10 street food dishes that everyone should try at least once.

1. Panipuri / Gol Gappe

Panipuri, the dish that everyone is crazy about in India. Most Indians are commonly sentimental about three things Entertainment, Cricket, and Panipuri. It is the all-time favorite street food of India with stalls of it literally present around every street of the country. It is a fried crispy ball of flour which is filled with chickpeas, mashed potatoes, a lot of species and finally dipped in tamarind mixed water. It is an explosion of enormous numbers of flavors at the same time in your mouth which the majority of Indians can`t resist eating.

2. Chhole Chaat

I think Chaat is India`s pride after Panipuri, it has a base of mashed samosa, potatoes or veg cutlet with hot Chhole (chickpeas) spread all over it but the main thing that makes people go crazy about this dish is its sauces and chutneysthat are spread over the Chhole. A sprinkle of chopped onions, a wide variety of chutneys, delicious Chhole and a mashed base of samosa makes it one of the best dishes around India.

3. Momos

A cute street food which is now getting its place even in the menus of big fancy restaurants. Momo is a small pouch stuffed with various types of fillings, whose outer covering is made froman all-purpose flour (Maida). You have the options of chicken fillings and vegan fillings with an extra option of buying momos that are fried and buying the ones that are steamed. Momos are also pocket-friendly. These taste best with mayonnaise, hot soup, and red chili sauce.

4. Chhole Bhature

This is another finger licking dish consisting of Chhole. This home-style food is in the nation`s heart. Chhole of Chhole Bhature are quite different from that of Chaat, here they bigger and thickerwith more spices and a stronger taste. Theyare served with Bhature, which in simple terms are chapatis madefrom Maida and fried in oil. The combination of the puffy bhaturas and hot Chhole is loved by Indians across the country.

5. Pav Bhaji

Toasted bread and butter with spicy mixed vegetable curry garnished by lemon and chopped onions is calleda Pav Bhaji. Pav means bread or bun and Bhaji is commonly used for vegetable curry in Mumbai. Bhaji most commonly consists of a mixture of many vegetables which is cooked until it turns into a thin fluid. Pav Bhaji also has a tangy taste of tamarind and a lot of butter on the bread and the Bhaji, which can fill anyone`s empty stomach.

6. Dal Vada

This street food is common in both, the northern and the southern parts of India. It is made of different varieties of dal(lentils). In most of the cases, the dal is converted into a paste and mixed with gram flour (besan) along with spices and then fried in soybean or mustard oil. Dal Vada is crispy, sweet and spicy at the same time. the Pair of Dal Vada and tea is a perfect combinationfor an evening snack. Dal Vada is highly famousaroundplaces like Pune, Mumbai, and Goa.

7. Kathi Rolls

Kathi Rolls are the best on-the-go snack. Originated from Kolkata, these rolls are now famous across the country. Kebabs or fried spicy Paneer with vegetables are spread over thick fried parathas that are primarily made from Maida and then made into rolls with sauces and different types of flavors as extra options. Kathi rolls are crispy and the taste of the fillings inside with the paratha base outside is just succulent.

8. Daulat Ki Chaat

Every time you hear the word "Chaat" images of chickpeas comes in the mind. Daulat Ki Chaat is totally a different thing. No spices, no oil and no sauces. It is a sweet dessert made with cream and froth produced by milk in the process of churning. The vendors serve that cream and froth garnished with rose petals, almonds, and sugar crystals. It is a dish that will just disappear within a second in your mouth by just leaving a smooth aftertaste.

9. Litti Choka

Bihari`s pride Litti Choka is a must try food item. Litti is basically a small ball made up of flour and stuffed with a mixture of gram flour along with species, pickles, and oil. Litti is of two types fried or grilled. Choka is nothing but the chutney or sauce that is served with Litti and is mostly made up of brinjal, tomato, and potato. Famous all around the country this pair is best for breakfasts and lunch.

10. Jhal Muri

Breaking up the words Jhala which means spicy in Bangla and muri which means puffed rice, Jhal Muri is one of the most popular foods around the state of Bengal, especially in Kolkata. In this dish, puffed rice is mixed with chopped onions along with different sauces, oils and a lot of chilies which give out a raw and spicy taste. It is spicy, raw and pocket-friendly at the same time.


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