10 Best Food Joints In Viman Nagar

6 years back I shifted to Pune for my future studies in Digital Marketing/Public Relations and resided in Viman Nagar. I was in love with this city, and being a foodie I was amazed by the number of cafes and food joints that were around my place.If you are a foodie just like me, , then continue reading, because I am going to jot down

10 Places, Where You Can Get Clothes Under 1000 In Phoenix Mall, Viman Nagar

Many times we end up buying so many things when we are out shopping in a mall without realising whether we need it or not. There have been many circumstances where I did not want to spend beyond a certain price but always got tempted and filled my cart that left my wallet empty!

10 Best Veg Street Food Across India

Renowned for its diverse variety of spices, India has one of the largest street food markets in the world. Some people saythat other country invaders in the past are one of the main reasons why you can find a large variety of food in India and and it is actually true up to some level because The Mughals,Parisians,

Low light photography

Clicking photos when there is low light is a little difficult. But, the perfects moments do not wait for the perfect lighting situation and sometimes, the darker scenes make into amazing photographs. Some people believe the low light issues during photography occur only at night but thatâ€s only just one instance. Even during the day, there are dark areas usually created by shadows

Top 10 gadgets you can buy from Amazon now under 1000

It’s not a rule that a good gadget has to cause a dent in the buyer’s bank account. There is no guarantee that an expensive gadget will always work better than the one within budget. Amazon is a digital marketing platform which provides the buyers with a wide range of products in all price brackets with equally good quality.

Activewear For The Gym

Every gym buff loves getting comfortable and well-fit activewear for their workouts. There is so much of variety available nowadays for men and women, be it online sites or shops around us. Especially when it`s during the sale month everyone loves going a little gaga over shopping! Am I right? It is very important to own good the perfect pair of workout clothes. Whether you are into yoga, zumba, gym or any ....

5 Best Places For Paratha In Pune

Whoever says only North India is famous for great parathas, clearly, haven`t tried out these amazing joints in Pune! Imagine steaming hot stuffed parathas with desi ghee/ butter melting down whilst you enjoy the monsoon mayhem. Tempting isn’t it? Coming from a Punjabi family, we regularly have stuffed parathas and Aloo (Potato) stuffed is my all-time favorite.

Kolkata through The Eye Of An Outsider

Kolkata , A name that sparks a thousand thoughts and emotions. Kolkata is fondly known as the "City of Joy" but there is a lot more to it beneath the surface and more than what meets the eye of this magnificent marvel. Its rich cultural heritage, diverse mindsets and multi faceted arts not only make it one of the Major cities in India, but one of the jewels in the Crown of this...

Durga Puja Pandal Hopping In Pune

India and its festivals are celebrated with so much of dedication and enthusiasm. That is one of the things I really love about our country and culture. One may not celebrate each and every festival but when people do that around you, the days feel so full of life. Plus, you get to learn or observe other traditions and culture too right? So, which festival do you celebrate?

Graphic Geeks - Your Go-To Online Store For All Things Creative

This blog will be your favorite one because we are going to help you on how to do up your dorm, office space, cabin, studio or any place for that matter.We come across many DIY videos online and various ways on how to make your workspace or home look pretty with furniture or plants.But how about we tell you one easy and ...

Luxury Hotels To Stay In Pune

Pune is such a beautiful city. Be it a stay-cation you are planning with your dear ones, or a getaway from the regular routine or you are headed out for a business stay, this city has got you sorted with the best of hotels where you can enjoy the luxurious services and live in ease. We are helping you with some of the top well-renowned luxury hotels for that perfect stay to keep you relaxed..

Where To Buy Art That Will Instantly Brighten Up Your Place??

For the past few weeks, most of us have been collectively hunkering down, with our perpetually busy lives now taking place within our homes 24/7. Suddenly, for the first time in a very long time, we`re taking a good look at those walls. And if your walls are anything like ours, they need some brightening. What`s the quickest..

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