What We Do

Fancy Pants Media Solution is a creative agency
At Fancy Pants Media Solution, we are on a mission. Everyone is guessing, right?In the ever-developing ocean of white noise, the Fancy Pants Media Solution is on a mission to protect the world from the dull advertising: the type that is always on repeat and never paid attention to. We think of ourselves as the digital superheroes as we help solve all the problems a client has to face when it comes to digital marketing and advertising.


Fancy Pants Media Solutions



1. Media Planning
2. Website & App Development
3. Social media Marketing
4. Designing & Content
5. Branding & Promotion
6. Event & Campign Execution
7. Photography & Videography
8. Poster Design
9. Website Hosting Services

10. Bussiness Email Ids
11. Printing Solutions
12. Casting Services for Model Photoshoots
13. Logo, Bussiness card design
14. Payment Gateway Integration
15. Celebrity,Influencer management
16. TV,FM,Print Media Ads.

Selected Clients


Fancy Pants Media Solution is a creative agency
based in Pune City. We are a full-
service studio offering strategy, design &
production across all platforms.




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